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Mitikah D Tower 

C-Studio WHITE.png

Monterrey, Mexico
Total Project Area 664,720 ft2

Architects  Roberto Espejo 

                   Mark Hesselgrave

                   Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

As part of the master plan, MITIKAH, magnificently unites housing, commercial, office, services and landscaping.
As an element of this "living city", it incorporates the city and neighborhood concept to generate interaction in access between public space and space proposed by the building, creating some flexibility to accommodate the utilitarian concept.

The picture gives a visual sense of the Aztec architectural concepts used, which maintain a sense of order and geometry. This order is enforced as an element of large structures of four main lines, which uses the certain components required of these bodies, as bas-reliefs on the walls, giving rise to plazas, and platforms. Through the staggering mobility and lightness in their facades, amplitude in the spaces and opening is generated from the interior spaces, representing the connection between the " living spaces " in the layout.

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