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Gregorio Vasquez

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Drawing on exploration possibilities, digital architectural approaches and academic training received at the UNIACC University, he investigated the possibilities of new ways of making architecture through the plasticity and complexity of new technological tools.

Within a short time, this gamble allowed him to become part of one of the most important architectural offices in the world, Pelli Clarke Pelli, a step that made his career, developing multiple projects. A highlight was being awarded first place in the Transbay Transit Center contest in San Francisco.  This was a significant project where sustainable architecture was created using multiple strategies such as passive design, the reduction of energy usage in construction and the reduction of pollutants inside the building.
Over the years, he has been able to maintain a strong link with this prestigious international office, cooperating with them to accomplish a variety of projects.

Experience gained from the international market enabled him to open GV Architect, based in Santiago, Chile, and with various national and international offices. The collaborative method of architecture is employed to evaluate, analyze and design both mixed and integrated projects, offering to its clients the different alternatives and options involved, to design a project that doesn’t just fit an architectural blueprint but blends with the idiosyncrasies of the local culture where it will be based. It is using this premise that proposals and projects around the world have been produced, and works are being carried out in the United States, Mexico and South America.   

This intuition-based methodology, enriched by various collaborative partners, along with great observation and analytical skills and being respectful of the local culture of a region or country, has allowed him to deliver a distinctive set of characteristics to each project.

The representative architecture he produces is not only borne out of experience but also by constantly connecting with the academic world, allowing him to keep his explorative spirit alive, in constant flux, generating ideas and projects as seen throughout his decade of professional work.


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Vertical Portfolio (2005 - 2015) PDF


Horizontal Portfolio (2005 - 2015) PDF

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