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Nueva Las Condes Master Plan

Las Condes,Santiago, Chile



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Conscious that a project on this scale is like building a town from scratch, the master plan proposed developing an area of offices, amenities and shops as well as residential buildings organized around one heart which distances them as well as joins the whole of the harmonious complex as one public urban space. This space – a plaza and boulevard – animates and gives this new district an identity, enabling services such as parking lots under the plaza, restaurants and a shopping center to be housed within a series of pedestrian walkways between the buildings as well as throughout the urban area.

The master plan is based on the idea that a plaza-cum-boulevard such as this one gives an urban quality and life to the users of the complex, stamping it with an identity that enhances all of the buildings and the town itself. To be facing the Plaza-Boulevard with its green areas and wide open spaces adds value to the buildings looking on to it and, therefore, to the land as well. It is in this space that the green of the avenues of trees and their shade, the freshness of the water and the wide spaces of the walkways give life to the exterior in an effort, as it were, to recover city life for pedestrians who will be the users of the complex as well as the customers of the shopping areas. The establishments on the surface and at the entrance to the basements are easily recognizable, with easy access for the customers and users of the shops and services.

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