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Aguirre House 

Los Andes, Chile

Architects: Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

This single-family home located in the town of Los Andes, whose climate of great atmospheric dryness, requires generating an internal microclimate to regulate the temperature to maximize space.

A geometric design of clean lines, are oriented in such a way to generate solar protection in times of increased exposure, providing shade in the outdoor common area, thus prolonging the space and increasing hours of use.

An inner courtyard of the typology of a classical Chilean house facilitates the ventilation of spaces. Having a translucent material permits the communication, distribution and visual domination of the exterior, giving yet greater importance to this terrace roof, by which a viewpoint of the mountain landscape is created.

These features attract recreation connected with nature, through pools areas –fire pits - barbecues – a terrace, symbolizing the four elements water - fire - wood - air , inviting relaxation and appreciation of the landscape

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