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Lago Alberto 369 Residential 

C-Studio BLACK.png

Monterrey, Mexico
Total Project Area 51.088m2

Architects  Roberto Espejo 

                   Mark Hesselgrave

                   Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

Lago Alberto 369 is located on Avenida Lago Alberto, near Polanco, in Mexico City. The project is a stepped 17 and 18 story rental residential mixed-use project with a 2-story retail podium at the base. The ground floor holds provides mixed retail while the upper level completely occupied by a commercial gym. At the top of the residential building there is a penthouse level with a continuous balcony wrapping ¾ the way around the building. The project is a mirror image of our Santa Fe 578, and uses the exact same plan with the identical layout of apartments, flipping it’s orientation by 180 degrees.

There is an architectural risk of using identical plans with the fear of redundancy and a project that might be mundane, boring, and repetitive. What we strove for in Lago 369 and Sante Fe 578 were closely related sister projects that would draw on the efficiencies inherent in using identical footprints. Lago Alberto has its own unique expression of façade, with glass, aluminum, and pre-cast panels. Both projects have a rooftop terrace with an amenities level and swimming pool. The unique difference with Lago Alberto is that it has planned a future project that will connect the entire retail podium with a series of pedestrian bridges and public plazas surrounded by restaurants and retail.

Lago Alberto uses a clean and more modern white palate, with white fritted glass and naturally anodized aluminum. The strong corners, the roofs, and the stepped massings are the architectural frame of the building, and the glass and aluminum façade acts as a tight skin and an animated screen as the lights within the apartments turn on and off. The east facade that faces the future Phase 2 project has a more spare punched window pattern, inspired both by hieroglyphics and pixilated images, providing privacy for both buildings.

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