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Branches House


Melipilla, Chile

This project has earned its name thanks to the supreme forces of nature and the foliage surrounding it. Its fluidity follows the natural curves of the trees, thus giving it three main harmonious gestures.

The background is what has inspired the diagonals in its elevation – simulating the branches and, as it were, trying to reach the tops of the trees, taking advantage of the densest part of the foliage in its common areas. The attic follows the same lines as the arborous curves, which are expressed in bold horizontal lines sustained by subtle diagonals.

The house is cleanly approached from the west and a natural screen of trees protects it once more bioclimatically.
To the east, it is semi-protected by an architectonic turn that structurally gives it its angles. The seasons are found naturally in the different spaces and, when the leaves begin to fall, the tenuous light from the autumn sun glances off the outdoor French windows at the back of the house.

Branche’s house is a one and a half hour drive from Santiago, specifically in the outskirts of the town of Melipilla. Rapid access from the capital immediately makes it an excellent place for a second home.

The project was thought up by a young couple with one small daughter who would go there from Santiago on weekends and host the different members of their families. So this is why the recreation areas are the ones that stand out most prominently.

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