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Mendoza Art District

Mendoza, Argentina

Architects Gregorio Vasquez

                  Hermann Rosenthal

This cultural center of the world wine industry from the renowned area of ​​the Mendoza Argentina province, required a space that would showcase through its layout this very productive industry, characterized by its warm climate and excellent quality vineyards while incorporating a sports program as is the practice of Polo.

To this end, an architecture that is an extension of the mountain landscape is designed, an esplanade slope, which rises from the surface, in the form of a embankment, a dynamic figure of polished sides that face the sun's rays delivering brilliant strokes of bright light, reminiscent of snow on the mountain tops. Furthermore, this design heightens interior spaces to better display the environment and at the same time allows the district to establish itself as a resort.

From the main area a green corridor is designed as a slope alive with vines, incorporating exterior to interior spaces, giving the tourist a sensation of walking beneath the growing vines, capturing the seasonality of them, in addition to creating shifting shadow and texture over an expanse of time.

The upper base of the slope is considered the lookout point, facilitating contemplation of the landscape and a view of the recreational activities attached to the center.

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