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Xochimilco 002.jpg

Pyramid of the Sun

Mexico DF, Mexico


Architect:  Gregorio Vasquez

                  Manuel Wedeles T

One of the most important symbols of the Aztec culture was the "Pyramid of the Sun", a structure that gave rise and inspired the geometric and conceptual idea behind the Xochimilco Tower. With its base crowned by a rectangle and giving priority to a central vertical space that ascends in the direction of the sun, Xochimilco seeks to emulate the same characteristics as the Pyramid of the Sun.

Shaped out of four squares, rotated and split up into three parts, the interior horizontal angles oppose each other at an angle of 30º.

Bioclimatic Response

The tortuosity of the volumes – in both towers – gives rise to vertical empty spaces in its centers, generating a double skin, geometrically as it were. It is in these (empty) spaces where the intertwining terraces meet that reinforce this project by means of vegetation, where the widest side of the rectangle lies permanently facing the sun, seeking a vertical visualness, which responds bioclimatically, protecting it from the sun and thus causing Xochimilco and Tezozomoc to be held as a self-sustaining project, bioclimatically speaking.

The external air of the tower is trapped by the twin cells of its skin, joining it to the park of its homonym, thus acting as a green lung and providing the city with clean air.

Xochimilco 003.jpg

Ground Floor

Office Floor

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