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Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock,

Architects Gregorio Vasquez

                  Hermann Rosenthal

From the top of Pulpit Rock, the view is without doubt, one of the most impacting and impressive views of the landscape.  For that reason, our strategy is to be as none invasive as possible and leave the main area of the hilltop clear.

Two golden geometric features make up our proposal, one vertical (Shelters), that represent a vertical icon on the hilltop and another horizontal (Services) that crosses the rock to inhabit the interior and become a new vantage point suspended in space.

Both features have a bioclimatic function, the vertical feature will have the role of containing external water and the horizontal feature has solar cells integrated into it’s upper section to supply energy for the purposes we select.

We believe that the horizontal feature and it’s small opening in the rock may help reinforce the rock with the hillside, with beams that tie it to the strongest part of the hillside, and in that way may help preserve Pulpit Rock.

Our architectural intervention aims to show the majesty of this place with features that seem to have been there for thousands of years, like a fossilized element that has always been there and has been revealed in the geography, with the passing of time like “something we had forgotten.”


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