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Santa Lucia Residential 

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Monterrey, Mexico
Total Project Area 664,720 ft2

Architects  Roberto Espejo 

                   Mark Hesselgrave

                   Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

The “Proyecto Santa Lucía” in Monterrey, Mexico, is situated on the Paseo Santa Lucía, the now-infamous pedestrian river and walkway connecting the museums at the center of the city to the outskirts of Orno 3, a museum in Parque Fundadora designed by Nicolas Grimshaw. Projecto Santa Lucía was originally conceived as a 1.8 million square foot master plan and mixed-use development including condominiums, rental residential, office buildings, and two levels of retail. Phase 1 was developed as a pair of residential buildings sharing the same retail podium and core along the pedestrian park, but also creating another, lateral pedestrian promenade, which allows the project to be experienced over two separate sites which connects to a Cinaplex, retail and the eventual Phase 2.

The twenty-two story condominium tower and the eleven-story rental residential tower form an L shape in plan. Sharing its vertical circulation as a single element of light, it provides a visual beacon that can be seen throughout the city. Reminiscent of many urban pedestrian projects, like Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, the project focuses on the pedestrian experience and strives to integrate the already successful public linear park with a private development. The goal of the project is to unify the residential development as another program element along the linear park, as yet another “bead on the cultural necklace” that connects these important landmarks for Monterrey.

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