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The Plumed Serpent

Mexico DF, Mexico


Architect:  Gregorio Vasquez

                  Manuel Wedeles T

"The Plumed Serpent" belonging to the Mayan civilization is the principal inspiration for this project, mainly because of its visual aspect. This inspiration is present under two premises: one intentional and the other consequential.

Intentional: The anatomy of the serpent curling its way upward, stands out strongly in its geometry, incorporating the airiness of the plumage at the top.

Consequential: In the search for bioclimatic sustainability, the final result of this project is its visual relationship with the Mayan stones and its Kukulkan sculpture.

Based on two ellipses – crossing at the center – in the guise of a slight twisting on the ground floor and a dramatic one on the second level, it generates spaces where each volume is clearly different from one to the other.

The Tower is a generator of vertical currents of air due to the dynamism of its shapes with an outer layer that is semi-open and an interior one that is hermetic; it has suspended parks and vertical empty space that represent the underlying intentions.


Ground Floor

Office Floor

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