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Carcasa House 

Melipilla, Chile

Architects: Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

The architecture presented by this housing corresponds to the typical Mediterranean climate of central Chile, with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. For this reason it is developed as a casing, a skin that enshrouds to protect interior spaces.

A groove in the horizontal plane of the ground generates the necessary access for the development of inner spaces. This house is depressed in the surface to give rise to large and open living areas at height, with a courtyard that favors the ventilation of spaces naturally.

Protected by this open landscape, acting as sort of a helmet that covers the interior features of the house, it is possible through an opaque surface that opens and modifies to generate the views that dominate the landscape and visual openings that reveal the structure that supports the living place.

The importance of this surface or shell does show an alter ego to the outside, protecting them without losing the necessary permeability and flexibility required by the spaces that make up a home. 

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