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Santa Fe Residential 

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Mexico DF, Mexico
Total Project Area 41.327m2

Architects  Roberto Espejo 

                   Mark Hesselgrave

                   Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

Santa Fe 578 is located in the outskirts of Mexico City, in the very prestigious area, Santa Fe. The project is a mixed-use, 22-story rental apartment building with two levels of retail at the base, which are intended for mixed-use restaurants. Situated between two streets with a fifteen meter elevation difference, the project was conceived as a series of massings that create a mountainous, cliff-like building, reminiscent of the neighboring mountains.

The project utilizes its stepped massing with whole floors of amenities, terraces, outdoor swimming pools, and multi-purpose party rooms, situated at a sixteenth level with panoramic views of the Santa Fe area. 

The warm grey colored pre-cast concrete and a mixed blend of blue colored spandrel and fritted vision glass make up the facades that are a mosaic pattern of the various uses within—the bedroom windows have fritted patterned glass to block views in and filter views out, while the living spaces to have floor-toceiling glass, taking advantage of the spectacular views.

The entry-level plaza is a poetic rendition of boat sails and canvases, while the rear plaza, opening up to the views east, west and south, connects the gym, private spaces, amenities spaces, and the restaurant terraces by a series of reflecting pools and landscaped nautical features.

The building massing and articulation is reminiscent of a waterfall, specifically those of the nearby cliffs. The eye, following the random, lyrical lines from top to bottom, takes a similar journey as the cliff divers in Acapulco “Los Clavados” who land in waves of water.

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