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Meeting Place


Mendoza, Argentina

Architects: Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

The MENDOZA ART DISTRICT project, representative of the culture and wine production of the Province of Mendoza, is designed for two urban projects, first, the MAD Meeting Place and the other rural MENDOZA ART DISTRICT.

As the urban part of the project, meeting center and MAD exhibition, located in the city of Mendoza, it is intended not only be a place of business, but also to be an extension of the wine world, which acted as a showcase in the city.

For this reason, it incorporates features and elements that resemble crops, shapes that determine the spaces that they form, irregular enclosed spaces, distributions and open and dynamic circulations, which give the place the feel of an indoor landscape, that permits various exhibitions and recreational activities to take place right inside the building.

To strengthen the link with the second stage of the project, features are added into the building materials, creating textures, colors and screened light, similar to the vineyards.

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