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Huechuraba Prims

Santiago, Chile



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Just as Chile is represented through its landscapes and the great mountain heights that sprout from the ground, Huechuraba Prims emerges in the most important business center of the city of Santiago.

Five structures make up this system of office buildings and other services. Each of the towers rises from the surface as an irregular prism, bright, solid, strategically placed, like the high peaks of Patagonia rising from a very narrow space. They open up from the land that gave them birth. These towers emerge and are positioned so as to be visible and take a center stage within the group.

The design feature that sets this masterpiece apart is the emergence as a solid unit from the surface while each retains its own characteristic and personality and yet   relates to its counterparts, marking presence and uniqueness likened to the rock systems of the Chilean Patagonias.


Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

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