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Pudahuel, Chile
Surface Site Area 1,018 hectares
Built-on Area 180,000 mt2

ENEA, as a master plan, was projected to be an important business, industrial and residential center in Santiago, Chile.
With a projected surface area of 1,018 hectares (2,515 acres), with 6 development phases planned over a 20-year period, this will be a strategic hub – given its proximity to the airport – for the construction of a trade fair area as a platform for the region and the world.
The project was submitted with a prior series of virtual conditions due to its closeness to the airport, a condition that mainly implies a “security cordon” that runs parallel to the airport’s runways and thus limiting the height of any buildings in the area.
This condition – at one time viewed as being a serious restraint to any future conceptual opportunities – was lifted as such and, from a project point of view, ENEA is rising out the ground, elevating itself with a thrust outwards and fluidness linked directly to the concept of an emerging country in its attempt to get closer to the outside world.


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