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El Monte Social Housing

El Monte, Chile

Architects Gregorio Vasquez 

                  Hermann Rosenthal

This is social housing estate, located in a village of urban growth, inserted in the typical rural landscape of the cities of Chile.

It presents not only the complexity of being social housing, managing programs in a few square meters, but also adapts to the environment and incorporates connectivity along with the main roads.

Since its primary purpose was to handle density, it was designed as an expandable modular space 54m X 2m to 72m X 2m, which permits it to adapt to accommodate the distinct requirements of the inhabitants.

As a linchpin of these modules, a vertical light box creates a circulation of space that distributes the light through the various areas, disseminating intentional illumination, enhancing life.

This light box, imparts a permanent lighting atmosphere inside, which is disseminated to the whole, providing points of light outside, acting as a bluff, providing safe and attractive spaces for the whole neighborhood, favoring life.
The layout in the landscape in particular gave a large sector of green areas, in order to generate a break in the densification of space as a whole, favoring green areas and promoting leisure.

The connectivity of this estate is of great importance, since the high density requires the availability of associated services, so an anchor space, which is capable of containing services for this community while connecting with the surroundings main roads, makes this estate a town destination.

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