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Lo Cañas House 

Santiago, Chile

Architects: Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

A detached house located in the Andean foothills of Santiago, has a privileged vision of the capital, so it was decided to make an architecture that follows the horizon to capture the views and respects the natural environment of the sector,

It is designed as a structure with two facades, one of the opaque sides defining the access, and on the opposite side open for the visual domain façade.

By not interfering with the pre-existing, per the client’s request, it gives importance to the location of the trees already in place. It is the nature of architectural blue print to give a focal point, which in this case a tree, a pivot point, shifting spaces, displacing most of the design to the opposite corner, achieving a visual balance and generating a voltage that can enhance the presence of this tree as an element of the architecture of the house.

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