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Vasquez Ayuso House 

Melipilla, Chile

Melipilla`s House’s main purpose is to provide a place of rest. The adults with their small grandchildren thought it up with the idea of receiving a fair amount of visitors every week, and so this gave way to them dividing up the house into wings: one commonly used by all and the other very private. The terrace functions as a filter between what is public and what is private but, at the same time, generates an area that is inhabited by the private part. The deck or terrace is a membrane that grasps onto the private world as if inviting it to join the public area.

The entrance hall acts as the pivot (or hub) that internally seeks to direct visitors to the public and the private spaces.
The public space dominates with its double height that perfectly enhances it for weekend stays and holidays. This extra height gives one the freedom to admire the landscape on the slopes of this country valley.

Other spaces given prominence by the client are the kitchen (a generous area that also houses a wood-fired stove), a high ceilinged living and dining area which generates two interconnected places and a small barbecue area and a cinema that were especially designed for receiving close friends where only small and intimate areas are required.

Areas appreciated by the client 

The private balcony suite has the air of an outdoor study and reading room with a wine cellar close at hand.
The house’s position is determined by the swimming pool, which inevitably mixes what is public with what is private, thus inviting one to join the other.

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