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Regional Theater La Serena 

La Serena, Chile

Architects  Alfredo Andia 

                   Fernando Palma

                   Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal

Bioclimatic Design: Thomas Spiegelhalter

Acoustical Engineer: Andres Barrera

This project is an 86,000 sq. ft. cultural facility for the city of La Serena, Chile, which includes a large theatre for 1,000 people and a small theatre for 300 people, administrative regional facilities, and a parking space for 200 cars.

Architectural history has not yet arrived to the American continent. The mutism of names so such as Miami, Opalocka, Cahokia, Wawmanona, and many others conceal the vast number of pyramidal structures that covered most of the eastern United States.

That narrative has been erased. Instead, our relationship to our Amerindia it seems to have been reduced to a Thanksgiving dinner story! This project works with the cultural power of the American landscape. It addresses the "oblique space" condition found in our continent. Paul Virilio, saw the "oblique space" as a child in the destroyed cities in World War II as the earth emerged out of the shattered "European Architecture."

However, in the American continent, the "oblique space" is everywhere.

This proposal is offered as a fifth facade, as a unity between land and building... the project is a tectonic mantle that invites a diverse type of surface adhesions to develop cultural events in the skin of a prismatically layered project ... this structural veil creates an oblique east-west axis which joins the historic center of the city of La Serena with the lower grounds of the new part of the city, and the parks that move along the Elqui River Wetlands.

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Esquema B.jpg
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