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Mitikah 2E Residential 

C-Studio BLACK.png

Mexico DF, Mexico


Architects  Roberto Espejo 

                   Mark Hesselgrave

                   Gregorio Vasquez

                   Hermann Rosenthal


The Mitikah Phase 2E Residential Building is the second of a series of rental residential buildings being proposed as part of the Mitikah Master Plan located in the south of Mexico City. Located directly north of the Mitikah Phase 1A Residential building, the idea is to create a building that addresses the main project entrance from Avenida Universidad and at the same time address the contextual elements of the neighborhood directly east. The building has a “C” shaped plan and a stepped massing that give the building a dynamic street presence and is set on top of a 3 level retail podium that will give the building monumental presence.

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