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Piedras Verdes

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Lima, Peru

Architects Roberto Espejo

                  Gregorio Vasquez 

                  Hermann Rosenthal

The idea of “Piedras Verdes” could not have reached our imagination without having visited the site and not just looking at another image by Google Earth or Plot Plan in CADD.  A mixed-use residential project with amenities for the community was born out of a combination of the great pull of this “Paradise” property, but also with a recognition of the currents of development and architecture in the whole of the Latin world.
More important and sensitive is the fact that the land will prove to be a golden opportunity with an existing jewel: La Roncadora… with a royal and proud tradition.  A building that is of great quality, it is impossible not to include it as an essential part of the program.  It could easily be converted into …a cultural event center, but it could also be a school for children from kindergarten to eighth grade and even up to high school.  It could also be a part of the culture of the place and, hopefully, continue to be a ranch for equestrian pursuits.  However you view it, “Piedras Verdes” could be accompanied by a life coexisting with horses and still stay close to its roots.
The different commercial components are more focused on services for the residents in the area, although it could also become an area for “retail fashion” and restaurants.  With the amount of inhabitants in “Piedras Verdes”, not counting the neighboring developments, it could create a certain amount of activities that could be programmed throughout the year.

The multi-family towers could also have commercial elements on their Ground Floors and next to the first floor; perhaps restaurants that share terraces with the residential level at the top of the street and accessible from direct basements to Level 2. It offers privacy for those living there and it also offers a range of commercial amenities (such as gyms, supermarkets, banks and “live/work” offices, etc).
The single-family plots in “Piedras Verdes” would be located on a part of the land where there is maximum privacy and devoid of noise from the city.  As an Oasis at the base of monumental hill, this residential urban development could capitalize on the green areas, parks, pathways and areas for “extreme sports”. The potential of mixing of the influences of the land with a large “recreational patio”, could offer something for all and become a really special place.  Imagine that it also has the equestrian aspect, “Piedras Verdes” could become one of the urban developments that takes advantage of life in the country.
With all of the residential accesses from a really protected street, especially the golf course, it also offers views facing south for all times.  Combined with the “El Pueblo” hotel and the Granja Azul restaurant, it could become an attractive area for its residential address and perhaps offices.  
Finally, one element that we propose we feed into the original program is parking space on 4 to 8 floors, with retail on the ground floor and a commercial gym on the next level up.  This “hub of light” is centrally located so that it can become the main commercial area and it could also include a media mesh covering its facades and some towers at its corners where artistic, commercial, cultural, musical media could be projected…. ideas abound.  Also, it could become an illuminated element with light, color, information… a sort of “Time Square” of the development.
“Piedras Verdes”, with its wealth of history of La Roncadora, might be compared with such developments as “The Valley” in Los Angeles whilst still feel connected to a magical past and a real fantasy; hopefully still with horses as residents as a part of the culture of the place.  With a balance between residential services, commercial amenities and a nature that capitalizes on the hills to both sides of it as well as natural lagoons …”Piedras Verdes” is a paradise that is waiting to be discovered as a part of the modern Peruvian culture.  With one hand pointing to the past and the other to the future, “Piedras Verdes” is the Inca city of the future.


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